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Processes integrated. Materials managed. Systems connected. Projects tracked.
KMM-The thrill of

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Nationwide Coverage






sq ft under roof

acres in yard

order lines a day

KMM creates, implements, and operates the processes that keep materials flowing – from the engineer’s spec sheet to the technician’s toolbox. We increase efficiency, drive out unnecessary costs, and make life a little more predictable for our customers.

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Network Decommissioning

KMM’s reverse logistics + project management = a seamless, cost-effective and responsible solution for handling decommissioned assets.

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Asset and Warehouse Management

Sorting, Harvesting and Tracking

Environment and Regulatory Compliance

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Predictability is a Great Thing

If you're looking for excitement, the communications industry will give you all you can handle. Fierce competition. Fast-changing technology. Aggressive schedules. Escalating customer expectations.

But with your supply chain, excitement is the last thing you need. When the right material shows up, at the right time, at the right place - life gets a little easier. Predictability is a great thing.

Why KMM?

- Reliability
- Cost Savings
- Efficiency
- Nationwide Coverage
- Fast and Efficient Delivery
- Real-Time Material Visibility
- Scalability and Disaster Planning
- Experience
- Industry Relationships
- Diversity

KMM Solutions

KMM's integrated solutions translate into reduced inventory risk, reduced unit costs, simplified procurement cycles, improved product availability, a variable cost model and lower supply chain costs. Click on any image to learn more.

  • Warehouse Management Services

    In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving wireless landscape, a responsive supply chain is key to leapfrogging ahead of your competitors. But without a streamlined warehouse process... Read More
  • Small Cell Logistics

    The race is on! Mobile operators are looking to increase capacity, expand coverage and improve customer experience – while reducing cycle time. The right supply chain solution requires flexibility, scale and Read More
  • Engineering Services

    KMM offers engineering services to support network deployment and maintenance projects. KMM recognizes that the root cause of the material issues that historically plague general contractors and delay vendor/carrier integration Read More
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